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Weight management and digestion

Hypnosis is used regularly in weight management and related areas such as digestion. It can help with diet, obesity, and weigh loss. It can also help to have a better control over our pulsion and also solve some of the troubling behaviors related to eating. While not replacing the need of medical assistance in case of severe eating disorders such as bulimia, IBS, or anorexia, hypnosis can potentially help to alleviate the severity of their symptoms and behaviors, or even suppress them, and be used in conjunction with a medical treatment.

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Smoking and other addictions

Hypnosis can be used to fight against various types of addictions. It is often used for quitting smoking. The effect, however, largely depends on the client's actual will and motivation. While some people might need multiple sessions to quit smoking, it might take only 1 session for some others. Along with smoking, reducing/stopping alcohol is also a recurrent purpose for starting hypnosis sessions. Many different kind of addictions can potentially be eliminated through hypnosis. With it, one can find and work on the causes of it, and then work toward controlling them.

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Exams and competitions

Hypnosis can also be used when one is preparing for an exam or a sport competition. It can help reduce stress, as well as get mentally prepared for the event. Mental imagery is often used in sport competition preparation, and hypnosis can be very helpful with this by assisting and guiding the athlete through it.

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Sexual dysfunctions

As with many other types of troubles, the causes can be from forgotten, repressed memories and traumatic experiences that end up affecting us. By working with the hypnotist, one can solve such dysfunctions. Examples are erectile or libido dysfunctions, premature ejaculation, etc.

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Traumas and life events

Hypnosis can help one going through difficult, traumatic, and/or stressful life events. It can help with coping with grief, change of workplace, loss of job, moving, retirement, etc. Examples of traumas are road accidents, aggressions, natural disasters... It can also be helpful with particularly difficult breakups, divorces, important periods such as during and after pregnancy, preparing for labor… It can also be very helpful for victims of sexual assaults, domestic violence, bullying/harassment... With some sessions, one can be helped to get through particularly difficult times and overcome these.

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Pain management and skin troubles

Some pains can be alleviated with hypnosis. Examples are headaches, chronic pains, spasms, skin troubles such as psoriasis... It is important to note that hypnosis does not replace the need of a medical professional assistance in case of life-threatening or serious injuries/pains. Hypnosis is also being used to avoid the need for anesthesia in some surgical interventions like stitches.

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Stress, anxiety, depression, emotion related problems...

Hypnosis can be very helpful when it comes to emotions. Stress and anxiety are examples of problems that could be solved with sessions with a hypnotist. It can help to relax and be in a better control of our emotions. Other examples of emotion-related could be stage fright, fear to speak in public, phobias... Hypnosis can also be helpful in controlling our emotions like anger or sadness, having more motivation, or overall self-confidence, for example. It can be useful to accompany someone going through depression, burn-out, or general feeling of discomfort, but should not be considered a replacement to seeking help of medical professionals.

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OCD and behaviors in general

Hypnosis can also be helpful in cases of OCD and other behavioral disorders. Examples are nail biting, speech problems, jaw clenching, attention disorders... These types of behaviors can be lessened/eliminated with hypnosis sessions.

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Sleep troubles and insomnia

Hypnosis can be helpful in case of sleeping disorders like insomnia, recurring nightmares, enuresis, nocturnal awakenings... Together with the hypnotist, one can potentially find the reasons and work toward getting better.

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Hypnosis can also help one seeking self-development. It can be helpful to get away from negative thinking, have a better focus, help against self-sabotaging, improve self-confidence... It can also have a potential positive effects on allergies as well.

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Past life regressions

For people willing to, and opened to it, hypnosis can guide through past-life regressions and answer curiosities about their past. It requires to be open minded about this type of experience, but can yield positive results. It can help to find some answers about things one cannot explain in his/her current life and experiences.

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Other benefits

The list above of applications of hypnosis is not exhaustive and many more cases exist. Detailing them would simply be too long as some situations are very specific. For any questions, you can simply contact me using the contact button, or book a free consultation if you prefer to discuss about your situation directly.



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